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Improving your golf swing with resistance bands
Learn how you can improve your golf game with simple exercises using resistance bands at home. Get more power in your swing and increased rotation by following these simple tips.
Preparing for Holidays
With these few tips learn how you can mentally and physically prepare yourself in order to avoid stress and depression during the holiday season. Mentally and Physically preparing yourself for the Holiday Season It is no secret, the holidays are...
Resistance Bands
Discover how you can help prevent and alleviate lower back pain by using those resistance bands you are exercising with at home. Utilizing resistance bands to stretch and alleviate lower back pain Let me start by saying, I’m no young...
Yoga - More Than Just Stretching
We're taking on Yoga and learning how it can be an effective full body exercise at any fitness level. What is yoga? At a glance, one might assume yoga is simply low impact stretching for incredibly flexible women. Some may...
Stability Ball Exercises
Learn how to get the most out of your stability ball by incorporating resistance bands to optimize your workout. Getting familiar with a stability ball Stability balls have been tried and true exercise tool used for decades to assist in...
Barbell Workouts at Any Level
Barbell workouts are a great way to introduce a variety of strength and endurance training into any exercise program, at any level. As a professional athlete, plate and barbell workouts were a staple to my strength and endurance training. I...
Rest and Relaxation
The importance of Rest & Self Care has never been more important.  Learn a bit more about how to care for yourself during these eventful times.
Fitness Motivation During the Fall
How to use the changing seasons to get back on the road to fitness No matter what stage you are at in your life, fall is one of the best times to renew your focus on your fitness goals.
Summer Fitness Tips
How do the Summer Months impact your workout plan? Working out in the summer brings a new set of challenges. The rising heat and humidity can impact your plans both inside and outside the gym, but great new opportunities often...
Full Body Power Band Workout Plan
The Full Body Power Band Workout.  Get in shape at home with this convenient workout plan from Shelter Fitness 
The Benefits of Resistance Training
In this post, we will talk about the 5 benefits of resistance training at home. You will learn why resistance bands are an excellent option for a home workout, and why you should consider using them even if you have...
Where it all Started
This is a story about the beginnings of Shelter Fitness. We hope our history helps the community understand our inspiration to serve, and what drives us to succeed.
Stay at Home Fitness Tips
Stay at Home Fitness Tips to Survive the Quarantine COVID-19 pandemic is still here, and by the looks of it, it will stay here for a while, or at least until doctors and scientists come up with a vaccine. That...