Power Band

This is the easiest way to get started with our Power Bands, these exercises open the door for big power gains & full body health.

Navigate the sections below to explore exercises grouped by body part. Check back frequently as we add new exercises.

Chest Exercises

Chest Press

Chest Flyes

Rotational Punch

Band Pull Aparts


Arm Exercises

Reverse Curls

Tricep Extensions

Rapid Overhand Curls

Triceps Kickback

Standing Curls

SA Curls

Armpit Curls

Tricep Pulldown

Curl to Press

Leg Exercises

Leg Back Raises

Squat Jump

Squat to Press

Overhead Squats

In and Out Hops

Assisted Squat Jumps


Front Raise Squat

Resisted High Knees

Leg Abduction

Leg Front Raise

SL Romainan Deadlift

Donkey Kick

Back & Core Exercises

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

Standing Rows

Bent Over Row

Assisted Close Grip Pullups

Lat Pulldown

Assisted Pogo Hops

Assisted Chin Up

Opposite Arm Opposite Leg Raise

Assisted Wide Grip Pullup

SA Rows

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Press

Front Raises

SA Lateral Raises

Shoulder Pumps

Lying Front Raises with Feet Elevated

Rotational Iso Front Raises

Shoulder Rotations

SA Rear Delt Fly

Lying Front Raises

Rotational Iso Press


Rotational Iso Hold