Resistance Tube

This is the easiest way to get started with our 11 Piece Resistance Tube Sets, these exercises mirror traditional weightlifting movements.

Navigate the sections below to explore exercises grouped by body part. Check back frequently as we add new exercises.

Chest Exercises

Low to High Chest Fly

Boxing Combo

Chest Press

Chest Fly

High to Low Fly

Standing Side-Arm Curls

Standing Shoulder Press

Rotational Iso Hold Pull


Rotational Punch

Speed Boxers

Arm Exercises


Triceps Extensions

SA Triceps Extension

Speed Curls

Reverse Curls

Triceps Kickbacks

Leg Exercises

Leg Abductions


Alternate Lunges

High Knees

Leg Front Raises

Donkey Kick

In & Out Hops

Flutter Kicks

Squat Jumps

SL Romainan Deadlift


Overhead Squats

Mountain Climbers

Back & Core Exercises

Overhead Floss

Bent Over Rear Delt Fly

Armpit Standing Rows

Birddog Prone Extensions

Lying Lat Pullover

Bent Over Row

Assisted Jumps


SA Rows

Standing Lat Pullover

Shoulder Exercises

Lying Shoulder Raises

Shoulder Front Raises

Lat Pulldowns

Lateral Raises

Rotational Iso Hold Raises

Shoulder Pumps

Rotational Iso Holds

Shoulder Rotations

Rear Delt Fly