The Full Body Power Band Workout

Get in shape at home with this convenient workout plan from Shelter Fitness

If you were in the group of people who bought Power/Super bands sets this year - you are not alone. Considering the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for great alternatives for getting in a workout at home.

While these are fantastic alternative to the typical gym membership, they can be a bit difficult to use for beginners. The Shelter Fitness team is excited to offer some great tips on how to get started.

Quantity over Resistance

Weight and Resistance training are both outstanding ways to build muscle mass and lose weight. The key difference in the two is how resistance is applied to the muscle at work.

With weights, the amount of weight moved remains consistent throughout the motion. With resistance training, resistance gradually increases through the exercise. As a result it is easy to fatigue rapidly if too heavy of a band is used, limiting the effectiveness of the exercise.

At Shelter Fitness, we are proponents of using high repetitions, rather than heavy weight. Sets of 12-16 reps using moderately sized band will not only be easier on your body, but will give you a fantastic muscle pump!


The Full Body Power Band Workout

Our Full Body Plan is a simple 10 exercise plan that should take about 45 minutes to complete and leverages our pull-up power band set. If you are just starting out, we recommend repeating this 3-days a week.

It's worth noting that some of the exercises below are demonstrated with a squat rack. If you do not have access to a squat rack, we recommend investing in a simple pull-up bar that is either door mounted or mounted on rafters in a garage or basement.

If you do not have access to either, any foundation pole, bannister, or even a simple wall-mounted hook would suffice. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions!

Exercise Sets & Repititions Video Example

Chest Press

3 Sets x 16 Reps

Curl to Press

3 Sets x 16 Reps

Triceps Pulldown

3 Sets x 16 Reps

Front Raises

3 Sets x 16 Reps

Lateral Raises

3 Sets x 16 Reps


3 Sets x 16 Reps

Squat to Press

3 Sets x 16 Reps


3 Sets x 16 Reps


3 Sets x 16 Reps


3 Sets of 20 Crunches

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