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Taking Control of Your Physcial Health The 4 "D"s of Success "Desire"
If Drive is the force that propels us toward a goal, then Desire is the engine that generates that force. Those willing to put the shoulder of hard work, dedication, and discipline behind their wants, will see them evolve into desires.
Taking Control Of Your Physical Health The 4 “D”s Of Success “Drive”
When we choose to pursue a genuinely important goal, such as taking control of our physical health, we plant the seed of Drive deep in the reaches of our innermost being.
Reaching a Plateau
Keeping your workout routine fresh is a hard task for anyone. I'll share my tips on ways to keep pushing through even when you hit a plateau. We have all been there; It could be the scale not showing what...
Preparing for Holidays
With these few tips learn how you can mentally and physically prepare yourself in order to avoid stress and depression during the holiday season. Mentally and Physically preparing yourself for the Holiday Season It is no secret, the holidays are...
The Benefits of Resistance Training
In this post, we will talk about the 5 benefits of resistance training at home. You will learn why resistance bands are an excellent option for a home workout, and why you should consider using them even if you have...