Summer Fitness Tips

Summer Fitness Tips

How do the Summer Months impact your workout plan?

Working out in the summer brings a new set of challenges. The rising heat and humidity can impact your plans both inside and outside the gym, but great new opportunities often present themselves. With these tips and exercise ideas you can keep those hard earned gains from the winter months throughout the beach season.

Stay Hydrated & Dress Light

When exercising in the heat, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to stay hydrated and keep an eye on humidity.

Humidity can impact the way your body cools itself and in high-heat conditions sweat is not as effective with its cooling effect. According to a John's Hopkins study, Exercise-related heat exhaustion happens when your body can no longer get rid of the extra heat made during exercise, and your body temperature rises more than is healthy. Not drinking enough fluids during exercise can also cause dehydration. Together, these things can lead to trouble.

Dress with loose fitting and lighter clothes which will help keep your body cool during the most pressing heat of the day. M
ake sure to take frequent breaks out of the sun, and bring plenty of water for your workout.  

Staying Hydrated is the most important thing you can do for an effective summer workout.

There are a number of great activities that you can perform outside to stay in shape this summer, all with minimal financial investment and without the need for a Gym. Try these activities the next time you are outside looking to get moving:


  • Jogging: Nothing beats a great Jog outside to get warmed up. Always use a good running shoe with proper support and keep the pace comfortable. As always, take frequent hydration breaks.

  • Resistance Training: You can use our Bands & Tubes to work out anywhere. They are portable and can be used anywhere. Playgrounds, Park Benches, and even sign poles make great anchor points. Check out our Exercise Library for tips on exercises you can try.

  • Stretching & Yoga:  Keeping the body limber is always important for safe exercise. Common yoga poses are found throughout the internet and for glute training, our fabric glute bands and yoga mats go well with a number of movements.  

  • Body Weight Exercises: If all you have is yourself, try some simple body weight exercises. Push Ups, Sit Ups, Body Weight Squats, and Lunges are all great exercises to work up a sweat