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Legacies Alive Bus Ride
Shelter Fitness is proud to call itself a supporter of the Legacies Alive family. We will continue to do what we can to ensure the ongoing success of their mission and help foster the growth of the organization.
Goals, Plans and Mental Toughness
Goals, Plans and Mental Toughness. These are terms most often used by people in the business and corporate communities. But the principles behind them are also used in the health and wellness community to guide people striving to achieve optimal physical health.
Taking Control of Your Physcial Health The 4 "D"s of Success "Desire"
If Drive is the force that propels us toward a goal, then Desire is the engine that generates that force. Those willing to put the shoulder of hard work, dedication, and discipline behind their wants, will see them evolve into desires.
Taking Control of Your Physical Health The 4 "D"s of Success "Dedication"
The commitment and resilient perseverance of someone who simply will not quit; someone who cannot identify with those who do quit, and someone who will never lower his own standards to learn why they do. Dedication Our last discussion was...