Fitness Motivation During the Fall

Fitness Motivation During the Fall

How to use the changing seasons to get back on the road to fitness

No matter what stage you are at in your life, fall is one of the best times to renew your focus on your fitness goals. Whether you are getting back into a routine because school is back in session, or simply because of the changing of the seasons, the end of summer leaves us all craving a fresh start. This makes fall the ideal time for anyone to get back on track and commit to a new routine.

As the last few days of summer are winding down and we approach fall, many of us are finding ourselves still working remotely and spending less time in the gym. With the cooler crisp air heading in, it's the perfect time to incorporate the outdoors into your existing workouts to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

We have put together 5 of our favorite exercises that you can easily do anywhere convenient for you.

Strength Training with Power Bands

Power bands might not look like much, but these premium latex bands can pack a big punch, and in 2020 everyone took notice. Versatile and easy to store, you can use bands for everything from bicep curls to squats. They're lightweight and perfect to reach for when you're on the go. Take them along to your favorite park or head out in your backyard to switch up your workout space.

Target Training with Bands

Target training with bands is a quick and efficient way to target a specific area where you would like to see results. You can achieve this goal by using our regular power bands or our very fabric glute band. Use our smaller glute bands to perform popular moves such as the Glute Bridge and Lateral Walk. These exercises are ideal to tin targeting your lower muscles. Grab a yoga mat and head out to a park to get in your workout while taking advantage of the cooler air and fall landscape.

Warm-Up with some Running

The one thing you may not know about Glute bands is you can easily use them as a great warm-up tool that could improve your overall run. With your glutes being your largest muscle group, you must give them the proper stretch before a long run. One of the most effective ways to activate your glutes is to add bands into your pre-run stretching routine. Although running is a great workout any time of the year, the cooler temperatures can make it much more enjoyable and one of our favorite outdoor workouts.

Yoga Core Workout

To tone your core, all you need is 15 minutes and a yoga mat. Target your abs, arms, shoulders in a few simple poses. Using plank poses such as the classic plank, dolphin plank, and side plank are excellent ways to strengthen not only your core but your arms too. Using a high-density TPE yoga mat with a firm grip is key to ensuring you maintain your focus and balance while performing these moves.


For the best long-term results, start small and incorporate one or two new exercises into your existing routine at a time. Sometimes we overcommit and lose our motivation because we have taken on too much. Just giving yourself a change of scenery by moving outdoors or adding in a new exercise, these small changes can be enough to help you maintain your commitment and stay on track and achieve your fall fitness goals.