The Benefits of Resistance Training

The Benefits of Resistance Training

In this post, we will talk about the 5 benefits of resistance training at home. You will learn why resistance bands are an excellent option for a home workout, and why you should consider using them even if you have a gym membership, so let's get going.

Benefit #1: Hit Your Muscles In A New Way

Resistance bands are a unique form of training as they target the same muscles free weights do but in a different way.

What's different is the nature of the resistance bands - the resistance increases as you stretch the band. This is entirely unlike regular weights, and we will explain the difference on one of the most basic movements of all - biceps curl.

When you do a biceps curl with a dumbbell, the hardest part of the move is when your elbow is bent at 90 degrees. Once you make it through there, the rep becomes easier, and you can hold the top position when your elbow is fully flexed for a long time. So, it starts easy, then the tension increases and peaks somewhere in the middle of the movement, and it becomes easier again.

When using resistance bands, the story is a bit different. At the bottom of the biceps curl, there is almost no tension, as the band is loose. But, as you start flexing your elbow, the resistance increases, and it peaks at the top when your elbow is fully flexed. With resistance bands, holding the top position of the biceps curl will really flare up your muscles, and you won't be able to do it for long.

Therefore, resistance bands target your muscles in a completely new way, which lets you use them alongside free weights. This way, you will optimize muscle growth, hitting your muscles from every angle. If you have some dumbbells and barbells at hand, use them with resistance bands to maximize your gains.

Resistance bands target your muscles in a completely new way, optimizing muscle growth.

Benefit #2: Resistance Bands Don't Require Storage Space

If you are forced to exercise at home and are considering to get some equipment, you are going to face one issue - storage.

If you don't have a dedicated room to use as your home gym, it will be impossible to have home gym machines or other bigger pieces of equipment. And as for the free weights, you can use dumbbells, but even those can be tricky to store as they are heavy and can damage furniture.

Resistance bands are a perfect solution as they are lightweight, and you can store them literally anywhere. In fact, you can put a whole 11 Piece Latex Resistance Tube Set in a single sports bag, which you can store in your closet every time you finish working out. That way, there is no wasted space in your small apartment, and no dusty dumbbells lying around to trip on when you are not exercising.

Furthermore, they are small, lightweight, and easy to store, resistance bands are a perfect travel companion. You can carry them with you on all your trips, which means there are no missed workouts. This will help you stay in shape, and even more importantly, it will prevent you from losing that hard-earned exercise habit. So, no excuses, get resistance bands, and exercise wherever you are.

If you are forced to exercise at home and are considering to get some equipment, you are going to face one issue - storage.

Benefit #3: Perform Any Exercise With One Set Of Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent workout tool as they are incredibly convenient, letting you hit every muscle in your body with a single set of bands.

Making the exercise more/less difficult is incredibly simple with bands - you just need to stretch the band more or less. More stretch will mean more tension and vice versa. And if the exercise becomes too easy, you can fold the band twice, which will skyrocket the amount of tension, making the exercise challenging even for the toughest athletes.

So, with resistance bands there is no need to readjust the weight after every set, wasting a tone of time. You just need to release/increase the tension, and you are good to go, as simple as that.

Resistance Bands are small, lightweight, and easy to store. You can carry them easily during travel which means no missed workouts.

Benefit #4: An Effective, But Safe Way to Exercise

We explained in Benefit #1 why resistance bands are effective, and how they train your muscles in a new way. But, they are not only effective but a very safe method of training too.

First, if you drop your resistance bands, you are not going to break anything. So no broken furniture and, God forbid, broken bones. If you anchored your band correctly, you have nothing to fear, the band itself won't injure you.

Not only that the bands won't cause injuries, they are one of the tools most often used in rehabilitation centers worldwide. That's because they provide controlled tension, as the user itself controls it throughout the movement, and if they feel discomfort, they can stop at any time. That's also why resistance bands are popular among the elderly too, as they can help in keeping them in shape without risking injuries.

Resistance Bands are one of the most versatile, but also the most affordable pieces of home gym equipment you can buy.

Benefit #5: Resistance Bands are Incredibly Affordable

Last but not least, resistance bands are one of the most versatile, but also the most affordable pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. You can get a full resistance band set for under $60. And with it, you can do literally any exercise for any muscle in your body.

Because of their affordable pricing, resistance bands are ideal for beginners who are just starting to exercise. Until you build your exercise habit, it is best not to overspend mainly because you are probably not yet sure which exercise type is best for you. Get some bands, and start working out. Once the habit sticks, you can decide if you need an upgrade, so take it one step at a time.


As you can see, resistance bands do offer many benefits. Considering how versatile, flexible, effective, and affordable they are, there is no reason why you shouldn't get some resistance tubes and start with resistance training today.

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