Shelter Fitness

Our Inspiration

We're going to be honest with you. There are a bunch of terrible fitness supply companies online. Many of these supposed "companies" make it a habit of selling inferior products from who knows where with shipment times so long that you could probably make it yourself faster.

This happened to us one day when purchasing resistance bands from an online retailer. After 40 long days of struggle, way too many emails, and finally a call to the bank, we got our money back but never received the training product that we needed in the first place.

Time for Action

"So how many other people are having this same problem? This seems like a problem we can solve" we thought. Echoing back on the great words of Teddy Roosevelt, it was our turn to be the "Man in the Arena". And so, the Shelter Fitness idea was born.

Founded in 2020 in New Fairfield, Connecticut, our goal is to change the narrative of online fitness shopping. It is our mission to provide great fitness products at competitive prices to our customers fast. But most of all we want to provide the best service of any online store anywhere. This is our promise, the Shelter Fitness promise.

It is our mission to provide great fitness products at competitive prices to our customers fast.

The Shelter Fitness Promise

The Shelter Fitness promise is what sets us apart. Everything we do centers on giving you the best experience possible, period. Our promise to you is that if you buy from us, you will be 100% satisfied or we will make it right, no matter what. Here is how we set out to do just that

We Ship our Inventory from the USA.

We stock products in full network of United States Fulfillment centers. This lets us fully control and optimize our shipping and processing times, and have a clear picture of the transaction from order to door, while offering FREE 2-Day shipping for all orders over $50.


We are Clear, Upfront, & Transparent with you.

Unlike our competition's "Support" staff who you won't hear from until 30 days after your order was "lost in transit" (if ever), we take pride in providing clear product details, Shipment Tracking, and rapid, thorough, & personal replies to any questions received.


We Stand Fully Behind our Products.

Don't like what you received? You were expecting something else? You changed your mind and would like a different model? No problem. We give you 30 days to return or exchange it. No questions asked.


We Provide Safe & Convenient Ways to Pay.

Visa or MasterCard? PayPal? Apple Pay? American Express? All are great options at Shelter Fitness. We are also a verified retailer. This means your payment is safe and secure with us any way you pay.


This sounds great, but I'm still curious? Can you tell me more?

At Shelter Fitness, we take pride in responding quickly to any question from our customers. Just send us a note at asking for more information and our president will respond to you personally.

Let us earn your business. Check out our product collection today.